Last week, Collegiate kicked off its first ever distance learning plan network-wide. Across New Orleans and in Baton Rouge, our team is committed to make the best of the evolving COVID-19 crisis by offering flexible support to ALL students. This means our team is doing what we do best: working hard to serve all students. “We thought incredibly hard about all of the needs our staff and students have right now,” wrote Margo Bouchie in a message to the entire Collegiate Academies team. “[We’ve] tried to come up with an academic plan that maintains a high degree of flexibility while providing high quality supplementary material to all learners.”

Here’s what Collegiate’s students and families can expect as long as Louisiana schools are closed:

  • Assignments that students can complete at home both electronically and on paper, available for pick up at local food distribution locations.
  • Playlists of online learning resources aligned to course content.
  • Virtual office hours with teachers for one-on-one and small group instruction.
  • Translations, read-aloud audio files of assignments, and modified content to support equitable access to all online learning materials for students with specialized learning needs.
  • Grab-and-go meals for any student enrolled in public school, regardless of age, served each day at Collegiate’s schools in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Last week alone, we served 4,296 meals!
  • Free tele-medicine services for students and their families through our clinic, Louisiana Academic Health.
  • Opportunities to stay engaged with school community & culture through our social media platforms, including hosting virtual spirit weeks and photo challenges.
  • Continuous access and updates to our COVID-19 resources and information page.


While we are already supporting our students 9-12, we wanted to take our work a step further to help our alumni with their significant and immediate needs that have arisen in the past few weeks. Many of our graduates are attending colleges that are temporarily shuttered; many also work in service industry jobs that are now threatened by the COVID-19 crisis. Collegiate’s graduates are too old to access many of the resources being disbursed to youth and families in the K-12 community, and yet they are still working toward getting their feet on solid ground as adults. We know you are looking for ways to support others throughout this crisis— here’s how you can get involved.

Because the needs of our alumni are so significant, we are launching the CA Next COVID Relief campaign, which will provide direct funding to our graduates to support them in school, work, and life during this crisis. These cash funds will be coupled with guidance and support from CA Next in navigating and prioritizing personalized needs. Your donation will empower our alumni with funding for technology resources like laptops and access to Wifi, support in paying for food and groceries, rent assistance, and necessary supplies.

A donor is generously matching donations up to $20,000 dollars. You can help us raise $40,000 for our alumni by clicking here .