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Collegiate Schools Earn A and B Letter Grades for Supporting Student Growth

[NEW ORLEANS, LA] Collegiate Academies, a network of open enrollment public high schools in New Orleans and Baton Rouge received its annual performance scores from the Louisiana Department of Education. The network showed marked gains in the 2017-2018 school year.

“Our job as a community of schools is to partner with families to pursue exceptional growth for every child, in every classroom, every day,” said Benjamin Marcovitz, CEO of Collegiate Academies. “Regardless of where they start, all children should be proud each school year—and indeed each day—of how far they’ve come. We are proud of how our students, families, and school teams have delivered this, and are eager to move even further.”

The highlights from this year’s report cards:

  • All of Collegiate’s schools earned As and Bs in the new Student Growth letter grade. Both Livingston Collegiate and George Washington Carver are above the city and state average in growth.
  • Collegiate Baton Rouge ranks #1 in growth among twelve (12) open enrollment high schools in Baton Rouge.
    Livingston Collegiate Academy is a “Top Gains Honoree” for demonstrating excellence in student progress from one school year to the next.
  • George Washington Carver is a “2018 Equity Honoree.” Recognized for demonstrating excellence in educating students with disabilities, students who are English learners, and students who are economically disadvantaged.
  • Both Abramson Sci Academy and George Washington Carver High School grew a letter grade, despite the increased rigor of performance measures.
  • Abramson Sci Academy and Livingston Collegiate Academies outperformed both the state and city average.

“As I reflect on our 10-year history and each milestone that has led us to this moment, I want to thank the students, families, and staff dedicated to ensuring all students have a solid pathway to college and lives of unlimited opportunity,” said Marcovitz. “Our schools celebrate these accomplishments while simultaneously preparing supports for increased growth and academic achievement.”

About Collegiate Academies:
The mission of Collegiate Academies is to build world-class public schools that prepare all students for college success and lives of unlimited opportunity. Collegiate serves 2,400 students across 6 campuses: Abramson Sci Academy, Collegiate Baton Rouge, GW Carver High School, Livingston Collegiate Academy, Opportunities Academy, and Rosenwald Collegiate Academy. 99% of seniors are accepted into college with over $9.3 million in merit-based financial aid.

Of note, Opportunities Academy, a specialized post secondary program for students with disabilities, does not receive letter grades and Rosenwald Collegiate Academy is in its first year and will not receive a letter grade until next year.