COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Information

Testing Information and Resources

Regular COVID testing is one of the most important ways to keep our community safe.  Regular testing helps identify positive cases as early as possible so that those individuals can quarantine and not further spread COVID within their households and community.

Weekly testing is recommended for ALL students and REQUIRED for unvaccinated students participating in athletics, marching units, and other co-curriculars.

In partnership with the Louisiana Department of Health, we offer weekly testing on our campuses.  We also offer testing as needed for close contacts through our clinic. To sign your child up for weekly testing, click on their school's name and complete the registration form below:

Here is more information about our weekly testing program:

  • I hear students receive money for testing - how does that work? Students who are tested at least 3 times a month will receive money through the Louisiana Department of Health. They'll get $25 for the first test and $10 for every test after that. The funds will come in the form of an online debit card to your email. We have been told the first payment will happen in October. See the flier below or click here for more information.
  • What type of test is it? The test is a nasal swab. While the tests originally went very deep into the person's nose, these do not go in far and should not cause any pain or discomfort.
  • How do I get the results? You'll receive an email and/or text with a link to the results.  Test results will come within 24 hours, often sooner.
  • Who runs the testing? Testing is performed by a company called Omega in our New Orleans schools and by a company called Orion in Baton Rouge. Both companies provide COVID testing to schools throughout the city.
  • Where else can my child receive COVID tests? For other testing sites, go to NOLA Ready and Red Stick Ready.
  • Can other members of my family receive testing at the school? Unfortunately, the Louisiana Department of Health only allows students and staff to be tested through this program.  Click the links above for other testing sites!

Vaccine Information and Resources

Websites with more information on vaccines:

Who is currently eligible to receive the vaccine in Louisiana?

  • All individuals 12* years of age and older are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Louisiana.
    • *The Pfizer vaccine is currently approved for 12-17 year olds.
    • *The Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are approved for individuals 18 years old and older.

How can I sign up to receive a vaccine in New Orleans?

  • You can reach out to your child's school to learn about on-site vaccination days!
  • City of New Orleans: Call 3-1-1 (504-658-2299) or go to
  • Pharmacies and Clinics: Select pharmacies and clinics are offering the COVID vaccine.
  • Hospitals: Some local hospitals are offering the COVID vaccine BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Contact your hospital system to see if appointments are available.

How can I sign up to receive a vaccine in Baton Rouge?

  • You can sign up to receive the vaccine at Collegiate Baton Rouge by completing the form above!
  • Go to to locate other vaccination sites.

Learn more about the vaccine

Obtenga más información sobre la vacuna