Our mission: Collegiate Academies builds world-class public schools that prepare all students for college success and lives of unlimited opportunity.

Our values:

  • Ownership: We never wait for someone else to remove obstacles to our mission.

  • Growth: We develop ourselves constantly and urgently.

  • Joy: We love what we do and share our gratitude for the work openly.


At CA, we believe in mission-driven work. Our mission is the ‘what’ and our values are the ‘how' -- our mission must be at the center of our decision-making and our values must live palpably within our schools, not just on posters hung on the walls. Values help guide our mindsets, actions and behaviors in pursuit of our mission. While each school has its own values, these three values unite us as a CA community.



Who We Are

Five high schools. Two post-high school programs. One mission.

We enroll students starting in 9th grade believing deeply that every one of our students can access college and a life of unlimited opportunity. Through 9th grade and beyond, we work to ensure our students have access to college and rigorous post-high school options tailored to their needs.

Our five high schools work to deliver a program that inspires students to follow their passions and prepares them for a competitive world. Click here to read about our programs.

Our two post-secondary programs provide experiences to specific groups of students that prepare them for life beyond high school, whether that be college or a different post-secondary path.

  • Opportunities Academy is a program designed to prepare students with significant disabilities for the career of their dreams. 
  • Next Level NOLA provides a bridge to college and career by empowering students to access the post-secondary opportunities that align to their goals.

Our Students

We serve amazing and powerful individuals.

Our students will become the next generation of leaders.  They bring incredible strengths, creativity, drive, and joy with them to school each day. A freshman enrolling with Collegiate Academies typically faces multiple challenges at once.

  • 85% of our students are first generation college students
  • 20% of our students have special education needs, almost double the district average
  • Our students are more than likely entering reading more than three grade-levels behind
  • Only one out of every four of such students come from a home where income is stable and reliable.
  • Yet, at Collegiate, this student will be just as likely to get accepted into college as a student in the most elite preparatory and magnet schools in the city. 
  • 99% of our students graduate with a college acceptance in hand

We are committed to ensuring that our students are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to pursue the future they desire. 


Our Approach

Our approach centers on a strong adult culture.

We build teams who put students at the center. All children can learn and achieve at the highest levels, regardless of their academic success to date.

We build teams that find solutions. We empower our teachers and staff to find solutions to challenges they encounter. In this way, we consider every Collegiate teammate to be a leader whose voice is deeply valued by our organization. Teacher voices have driven our most innovative programs across our schools.

We build teams that constantly improve. We make it a priority that our staff give each other feedback to help one another grow to become their best.

Our Teams

Diverse teams are one of our greatest strengths.

Our teams are diverse and each year reflect our students backgrounds even more.

  • 63% of our teachers identify as People of Color
  • 155 roles dedicated to Intervention and Special Education
  • We have 18 on-site mental health professionals
  • We retained 88% of our staff across all of our schools last year
  • We are the only education entity ever to be ranked the #1 best place to work in New Orleans.

CA's innovative practices in personnel recruitment, talent development, morale-building, and team culture are sought after by dozens of organizations, both inside and outside of the field of education.

Our Results

Our students grow more at Collegiate.

  • Top 10 in Louisiana for growth when compared to high schools with similar student populations.
  • All of our schools are currently ranked A's or B's in student growth in Louisiana
  • 99% of the class of 2019 graduated with a 2 or 4-year college acceptance in hand
  • Stanford's CREDO Institute conducted a national study showing that one year at a Collegiate school is equivalent to two years of learning at the average school in the study nationally.