Here your path is your own. You build it.

At CA, there is no linear pathway to move up. Our people want the flexibility to build the paths that fit their short and long term goals. We’ve created opportunities that meet the needs of our scholars and align with the paths our teachers and staff desire.

We build strong teaching and leadership skills.

Great schools are founded on strong teaching and strong leadership. Every growth opportunity in our network supports these two things. To do this, growth, excellence, expertise, and longevity are at the core of the opportunities we open.

List of Opportunities at Collegiate

Teaching and Leadership

Academic Dean / Department Head: You will lead teachers in your school who teach the same content as you. Create your ideal vision for excellent teaching in your content.

Culture / Grade Dean: You will lead other teachers in your grade level to achieve the grade-level culture you envision for your school.

Course Lead: You will lead teachers who teach your course across all of our schools. Lead them to maximize engagement and learning in your class.

Content Lead: You will set the vision for how your content should be taught across CA. Lead Course Leads to ensure all who teach your content across the network can achieve your vision of excellence.

Intervention Leadership Fellowship: Learn the intervention mindsets, knowledge, and skills you need to take on deeper leadership of intervention programming in your school. This fellowship is led by Director of Scholar Support, Andrea Bond.
Click here for more information on CA’s Intervention Leadership Fellowship.

School Leadership

Instructional Coach: You will lead and develop a group of teachers within your school or across the network. Most instructional coaches begin on our team as teachers.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction: You will lead the teaching staff at one school site alongside the School Leader. Set the vision for curriculum and instruction, develop and deliver staff professional development, develop teachers, and drive instruction using data.

School Leader Fellowship: This 2-3 year pathway sets fellows up to know the challenges of the School Leader role, confront their deepest weaknesses, and practice leadership with coaching from our CEO Ben Marcovitz and Chief of Leadership Development, Adam Meinig.
Click here for more information on CA’s School Leader Fellowship.

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