Collegiate is committed to serving all scholars no matter what it takes. We build and support high school programs that serve the diverse learning needs of our scholars. Our unwavering belief that all scholars can reach their highest potential drives our innovative programming that equips our graduates for a lifetime of success.

Integrated Academic Support

We provide individualized programming for all scholars, with or without IEPs, to grow academically and behaviorally.


In the 9th grade, each scholar is randomly assigned a small, single-sex advisory group of 10-12 scholars. Over four years, advisory serves as a space for each scholar to express and address their needs while gaining the social and personal skills necessary for success in college and in life.

Co-curricular Activities

We encourage our scholars to pursue their diverse interests—including sports, music, and the arts. Our after-school offerings allow our scholars to follow their passions, and we provide a late bus to ensure every scholar is able to participate.

Academic and Social Interventions

We make sure every scholar is getting the support they need. If a scholar requires extra help or practice, we always make modifications and find the time to ensure success by providing interventions like after school and weekend tutoring.

Scholar Growth

Our school environment celebrates growth for every scholar. From freshman year through senior year, scholars receive positive reinforcement and support that guides their academic growth by:

  • Providing individual interventions and pull-out programs to meet every scholars’ needs.
  • Supporting social and behavioral growth through a range of programs, including a school-wide advisory program and robust counseling and mental health support.
  • Celebrating growth in weekly grade-wide Friday celebration ceremonies.
  • Distributing Scholar of the Week awards to scholars who have grown behaviorally and academically.

College Trips

College trips are a standard part of our programming at Collegiate Academies. Beginning in the 9th grade, scholars are exposed to colleges in Louisiana and the Southeast. They meet admissions officers and students, tour campuses, and experience life in a dorm room. They also experience being away from home, some for the first time. We build up their college knowledge so that when they arrive at college their freshman year, they know how to access the resources they need.

The Senior Capstone

Collegiate Academies seniors conduct an extensive research project aimed at solving a problem that faces New Orleans. At year’s end, scholars present their paper and research to a panel of key policymakers and influencers.