Jerel is the principal at G.W. Carver High School. Jerel received his B.A. in History from Yale, with his senior thesis on the impact of the war time experience on black African troops in South Africa after the Second Boer War. Teach For America brought him to New Orleans in 2007. He taught English language arts for two years in Central city. In 2009, Mr. Bryant joined the Sci Academy faculty to teach Civics to the class of 2012 and lead the Yale advisory. As a humanities teacher and dean at Sci Academy, Mr. Bryant’s teaching directly contributed to Sci Academy sophomore Graduate Exit Exam scores in English Language Arts; during the 2009-2010 school year, 80% of our scholars achieved a score of Basic and Above. Proudly from East Harlem, Jerel is also proud to have served the communities that he has the opportunity to serve here in New Orleans.

Jerel says he believes that CA will confront anything, regardless of the challenges, if it is ultimately what is best for kids.

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